Welcome to my humble place on the web! There will likely be some rambling going on, but mostly it will be a showcase of photos and some short stories of my adventures.

Photography is my passion. From early morning light to after the sun sets, and through rain or snow — you’ll find me exploring the great outdoors with my camera and tripod. I don’t stress over the technical details of photography, but rather focus on the moments and experiences that inspired me to capture the photo.

There are often times when a photo cannot express how you feel in the moment or communicate the vision. On these occasions words help tell the story. My blog is an expression of my photography told by the photos I take and the stories behind them.

The style of photography that I gravitate towards are landscape, wildlife, and close-ups/macro. I’m also often asked about my gear, so here is the short and simple list:

● Sony A7R II
● Sony 24-105 f/4 G
● Sony 100-400 GM
● B+W 10-Stop ND Filter
● K&F Concept Tripod

Please, grab a cup of coffee or your drink of choice, sit down, have a look around and enjoy the photos and stories to be told. As you pass through, don’t forget to leave a comment.

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