Yellowstone National Park

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park. I would frequent the magazine isle in the grocery store and look at the National Geographic materials to gaze at the beauty of the national parks and wildlife. Yellowstone made several cover debuts that peaked my interest. As I browsed through the pages of the magazine I was in awe and knew that one day I would visit this beautiful place.

Continuing our trip from Grand Teton National Park to Yellowstone, the four of us set out to visit America’s first national park. After seeing the Grand Teton we had high expectations that Yellowstone would be nothing less than phenomenal. The landscape of Yellowstone differs from Grand Teton as one is more condensed and the other is open range. Another major difference between the two parks are the crowds. The minute we entered through the south entrance of Yellowstone traffic was already starting to back up. We couldn’t imagine how big of a tourist attraction Yellowstone was…yes, we were tourists too!

With that said, it made things very difficult for me to photograph. I couldn’t spend the time to compose as maneuvering around people was challenging enough. I was also struck by the beauty of Yellowstone that I didn’t know what to photograph. Looking from left to right, all I wanted to do was take a picture of this and snap a photo of that — it was frustrating to try and find a single point of interest to focus on.

As the days went by I figured that I wouldn’t be able to avoid the crowds to focus on photography and decided to do what everyone else was doing — be a tourist. It was time to start snapping away and just enjoy in the splendor of Yellowstone.

A visit to Yellowstone wouldn’t be the same without taking a couple photos of the park’s main attraction — Old Faithful. Honestly, I was expecting Old Faithful to be more grand, but it looked more like a giant ant hill with steam coming out of it…Haha! However, the Grand Prismatic was spectacular but very crowded. If you check out the Grand Prismatic, be sure to take the Fairy Falls trail where you’ll find an overlook to see the hot spring from above. It offers a more expansive view and showcases the vibrant colors (especially on a warm and sunny day).

Yellowstone is a very big park! We broke up the routes into three sections over the course of three days. Each day we were gone for about 5 hours before returning back to Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park where we stayed. The RV park was extremely well manicured and only a mile away from the west entrance into Yellowstone.

As we drove in and out of the park daily our eyes were always peeled back looking for local wildlife roaming the park. The one thing we noticed was the animals at Yellowstone were more accustomed to being around humans than they were in Grand Teton. However, caution should always be exercised no matter how comfortable you “think” the animals are to humans.

The weather couldn’t be more perfect, and the beauty of Yellowstone was amazing. Between Grand Teton and Yellowstone we’ve concluded that the former was our favorite. Yellowstone was just too crowded, but we were fortunate to see this beautiful place — it is a must see at least once in your lifetime.