A lazy Sunday

After an awesome BBQ with some friends the night before, I thought about taking it easy on Sunday. I decided to go to the neighborhood park to enjoy a bit of the beautiful outside temperature and see what kind of wildlife I could find.

It’s a small park with a big pond in the middle. There wasn’t much wildlife going on other than some geese and lazy mallard ducks napping under the trees. However, I noticed in the distance some newborn ducklings following their mother (how appropriate on Mother’s Day), but I couldn’t get close enough without them quickly fleeing off the grass and back into the safety of the water.

I turned my attention to this single duck resting nearby, so I moved in close to take a few shots and startled him. The duck raised his head and began quacking at me, which was probably a good indication to step back. As little as they are ducks can become aggressive if you get into their space. I’ve had my fair share of geese chasing after me, and I didn’t want to repeat that experience with an angry duck. Haha!

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