Heading into the horizon

It has been about 3 years since visiting southern California, but a business trip opportunity came about that lead me to Ventura Beach. I was fortunate to stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel that was right on the boardwalk, which offered close access to the pier and other amenities.

After checking into the hotel, I wanted to go scout the area but I was so tired from the initial drive down to southern California, visiting with family, and being reunited with cousins whom I haven’t seen in over 27 years!

Somehow I mustered up enough energy and went for a walk. It was about 5pm and the weather was beginning to change from calm skies to wind and dark stormy clouds. I knew if I didn’t do something now that it may not happen again on this trip, so I ran back up to the room and grabbed my gear.

I grew up near the beach (not Ventura) and have always been exposed to seeing piers. It wasn’t anything new or breathtaking to appreciate, but I was young and was not into photography back in the days. This time it was different so photographing the pier was on my agenda.

The wind began to increase and the waves were crashing hard against the pillars. It’s difficult to see in the photos because of the long exposure, which smooths out everything in the scene. But that was the intent — milky smooth water and silky skies. Most of these photos had an exposure time of approximately 30 seconds.

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