Fixer upper

I’ve been traveling US-395 highway for years now, and every time I pass up these two dilapidated houses I wanted to pull over and photograph them. The only issue is they are literally on the side of the highway, which causes concern for those times when I’ve watched news stories about people getting hit by passing vehicles.

Sometimes its hard to see the beauty in something that is run down, but placed against the based of the Sierra mountains these structures become more appealing. I think the term “fixer upper” could be a stretch, but another man’s trash can become someone else’s treasure.

I was heading down to southern California for a business trip and decided to make a pit stop to visit family. The US-395 highway is the more scenic route as you drive along the Sierra mountain range. Just outside of Mammoth reside these two houses. The weather was cold, windy, and began to flurry. However, the ominous clouds were setting a dramatic scene I couldn’t pass up.

Well, I was done with the excuses in my mind and decided to find a “safe” place to pull over. I quickly grabbed my tripod and camera, then dialed in the settings before departing the car. OK, maybe it wasn’t as dangerous as it played out in my head, but 5+ years later I got my opportunity and I’m quite happy with the results.


  1. Great finds! I love finding the old, the abandoned, the forgotten. There is so much character and untold stories within those walls. Great images. I like how you included the snowy mountains in the background, it gives them a sense of place.


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